You’ll be greeted by one of our Now Cryotherapy “Freeze therapist” who, in addition to answering any of your questions queries or concerns, will take down all your basic health information to ensure you are able to utilise cryotherapy. Some of this may also be done prior to your appointment in order for to enhance your treatment time.


Once your you have completed our waiver we will guide you to a change room where you can safely leave your belongings, change into a comfy robe and place on some socks and boots Its now to to enter.


Once you are in the Cryo Sauna we ask that you pass over your robe and we will pass over some gloves We will lift the height so that your head is above and outside the Cryo Sauna. Your Freeze Therapist will start our treatment and guide you through the experience. At any point you would like to finish its as simple as a press of a button and an open of the door


Once your treatment is completed its time to get changed, it will take you around 10-15 minutes to regulate your normal body temperature and your body will still be working producing positives for the next 24-48 hrs post treatment