A single-person cryogenic chamber, designated to perform whole body cryotherapy treatments.

Juka Cryosauna, is one of only a few devices in the world and was the first Cryosauna in production. The Juka holds multiple medical certificates which serves as a warranty of the highest quality, safety and reliability level.

Our device is a perfect solution for private clinics, wellness and spa centres, rehabilitation centres, health clubs as an addition or stand alone business

The Juka Cryosauna

20 years of experience in the construction of cryogenic cham-bers and cryosaunas

The coldest (actual) temperatures reached of any direct injec-tion Cryosauna, with the most even cold distribution through-out the cabin.

An electric lift to easily adjust clients to a safe position based on their height (unlike antiquated machines that use pads).
An oxygen monitor at the level of the client’s mouth which is tied into the computer system to ensure the client only breathes room air at all times (only product on the market to offer this feature).

A door shutoff to ensure nitrogen does not escape the cabin while the door is open (only product on the market to offer this feature).

An easy to use touch screen controller and fully automated treatments, which allows the operator to focus on the client at all times and not on making adjustments to the machine during the treatments.

A dual exhaust vent to remove all used nitrogen from the treatment room.